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About us


NATA with its training facilities at Eros Airport, Windhoek, has been leader in conducting aviation training for more than 23 years.

NATA provides a mixture of user-friendly and family-like environment for students while adhering to high training standards. This is achieved through continuous monitoring, testing and evaluation of individual student’s performance and guaranteeing compliance with international and national standards and requirements.  

Namibia, with its wide-open clear skies and non-congested airspace provide excellent all-year-round weather coupled with adequate airport infrastructure giving you superb flying conditions.

NATA´S training locations

NATA is located Eros airport in Windhoek (FYWE).

Eros is a busy hub of general aviation and some commercial aviation. The airport is one of the busiest airports in the SADC region. It is the host to commercial, private, and scheduled traffic ranging from high performance jet aircraft to Cessna 152 trainers. The majority of traffic comes from the general aviation charter market, consisting mainly of the Cessna 210 aircraft, which is the most commonly used aircraft for charter and fly-in safaris in Namibia.

Runway Information

Aerodrome Reference Code: 3C
Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Category: Cat 4
RWY 01/19
Runway Length : 1983 m
Runway Width : 30 m
RWY 09/27
Secondary Runway Length : 1005 m
Secondary Runway Width : 30 m


To remain the Centre of Excellence with regard to pilot and other aviation training.


Ensuring a safe and effective learning and flying environment for our pilots while adhearing to safe practices and applicable international and local aviation regulation.